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Michael Coghlan

Michael has been working as a creator, facilitator, and thinker on issues to do with the Internet since 1997. He was a co-founder of the Webheads online community of practice, and one of the first teachers in Australia to teach online. Until recently he worked as an eLearning Facilitator for TAFE South Australia, and is a member of the Australian Horizon Report Advisory Board that advises on future trends in educational technology.

In his spare time Michael likes to contribute photographs to the public domain via the Internet, and does a reasonable job of writing songs and singing them to anyone who'll listen.

Sean Simper

Sean Simper

Sean has been involved in education and training for more than twenty years as an educator, trainer, professional development and e-learning leader. He possesses a long-term, passionate commitment, for the integration of innovative and effective pedagogies and technologies.

Sean is the Creative Director at Multimodal Media which specialises in providing assistance in the production and utilsation of video and multimedia, including providing training in such tools and methodologies for support and enhancing learning and engagement of customers/staff/students, with the aim of improving outcomes achieving successful communication/educational outcomes.

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