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Open - completion time is approximately 2 hour.

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Free - self-enrolment (you will to sign-up for a user account to participate in this course)

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Course Facilitator

Cat Ward

About this Course

Have you ever thought what it is like to be an online student? This mini-course has been designed so that you get to experience some of the different features of the elearning environment from the perspective of a student. 

You will get to have a look at: 

  • navigatation and breadcrumbs
  • profile information
  • the message tool
  • the calendar tool
  • the discussion forum
  • the quiz
  • the assignment tool
  • the glossary.

Try each tool as a student and use the resource links to find out more about each feature and how you might be able to use it in an educational context.

About the Facilitator

Cat has extensive experience in the design and delivery of ICT/elearning products and professional development to a wide range of client groups including educators and corporate trainers. Her problem solving skills, attention to detail, understanding of elearning management systems and pedagogy, and strong educational background enables her to develop meaningful, interactive and engaging content.

Cat is based in Perth after spending 6 years living and working in South-East Asia. Life in Asia has given her a passion for tasty food, a desire to travel to beautiful and unusual places, and a love of riding on scooters!

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