Facilitating eLearning Environments

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Course Length

Five weeks - Starting February 2015

Course Cost

$330.00 AUD (inclusive of GST)

Course Type


Course Facilitator

Michael Coghlan

About this Course

Facilitated by one of Australia's leading Facilitators, this engaging and interactive course will guide participants through a series of topics that cover:

  • Establishing the elearning environment
  • Introducing elearning
  • Guiding and facilitating elearning
  • Monitoring elearning
  • Reviewing elearning processes.

Course Aims

This course aims to give participants:

  • an awareness of the issues involved in being an effective online facilitator
  • exposure to the main arenas of online communications typically found in efacilitation contexts (forum, chat, email, blogs, wikis, social media)
  • an opportunity to practise efacilitation skills in these areas of online communication
  • an experience of learning in a constructivist environment.

Learning Outcomes

Specific learning outcomes of the course for individuals would include*:

  • identify the skills necessary to effectively facilitate blended learning environments
  • identify and practise the necessary skills required to host effective asynchronous online discussions
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of chat, forums, email, blogs, and social media as teaching and communication tools
  • identify key resources for learning about efacilitation
  • develop the skills necessary for collaborative decision making online
  • develop confidence to host an online event using chat, forum, email, blog, wiki or social media tools
  • develop a portfolio of resources on issues relevant to online facilitation.

*Note: it may be that participants choose not to achieve all of the above outcomes. It may be too that participants may wish to negotiate alternative outcomes with the course facilitator. If you would like to discuss alternative learning outcomes with your course facilitator please contact Michael via michaelc@chariot.net.au, or mobile number 0417 899 912.

TAE Units

While this is not a formally accredited course successful completion of the course could provide evidence towards the following units from the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning
  • TAEDES401A Design and develop learning programs

About the Facilitator

Michael has been working as a creator, facilitator, and thinker on issues to do with the Internet since 1997. He was a co-founder of the Webheads online community of practice, and one of the first teachers in Australia to teach online. Until recently he worked as an eLearning Facilitator for TAFE South Australia, and is a member of the Australian Horizon Report Advisory Board that advises on future trends in educational technology.

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